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This is a good bar to go to. The drinks are great, the ambiance is good – you’ll never ask for more. The staff is very welcoming as well and very accommodating. They are knowledgeable and well-trained when it comes to their products. When you ask them with regards to the craft beers that they are selling, they are going to give you interesting facts that are never heard before. They know how their every product is made and they feel secure enough to let you in on a secret – not that I am planning to steal the recipe or something because even if I tried, it will not measure up to what they are selling here. Unfortunately, they do not have beers you can bring per bottle and can bring home. So, you can only drink it at the restaurant which is a shame because their beers are really good. – @Karen

Food is really good here especially the wings. They come in many different flavors and I dare you to get the spiciest. It is an on-going contest among my friends on who is going to break down first with the spicy challenge. So far, I haven’t lost my reputation yet. But really, they taste good. If you think you got chicken wings all figured out, then try what they are offering at this bar. – @Karlo

The overall ambiance is nice and relaxing. There is an assortment of seats for you to enjoy. The crowd is nice too and it is not impossible to gain friends at the end of the night. You should come to this place because even the music, you will enjoy. It is well-thought of and was compiled thinking about the preferences of individuals nowadays. So if you really want to come to a nice place during your vacation, this bar is highly recommended. – @Michelle